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“ Wisdom is proved right by her actions.”


I defended my thesis and got PhD on 18.12.2009. Finished education after 20 years (ugh!).

Jaroslav Hajek junior was born on 1.11.2008.

I passed the state exams for PhD on 7.3.2008.

No Star Wars Campaign

Welcome to my homepage

This is the personal website of Jaroslav Hájek, commonly nicknamed HighEgg on the internet. To find out more about me, see About section. The purpose of this website is to present myself, my work, research and interests, and also to collect and provide useful information, links, software etc. Feel free to mail feedback (see email below).

My side in the browser war

I'm almost exclusively a Linux user for some time now. When updated, this website is tested with the Firefox browser. If you find anything not working properly in your browser, and you think the problem is on my side, please notify me. "Problem on my side" means that I (unintentionally) happen to use some Firefox-specific extensions in the XHTML code. A problem on your side is, for example, a bug in your browser. (Well, I might fix even this kind of problem, but no promise there.)


You are free to view, copy, use and modify any content unless explicitly stated otherwise. I just kindly ask you to give me proper credit if you reuse something, especially software.

English and Czech

Although I was born in Silesia, part of Czech Republic, I'm a Czech Republic citizen (and reasonably proud of it), this website is in English only. Why is that? I believe English is the Latin of the modern age, and, more importantly, I find nothing wrong about that. In my opinion, the modern world really needs an universal language, and English has gone the farthest way to be one, whatever the reasons are. Communication is more important than patriotism.