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 +====== Jan Kašpar welcomes you at Kašpi Page ====== ​                                                                                                                      
 +                                                                                                                                                  ​
 +Hello, my name is Jan Kašpar and Kašpi is my nick.                        ​
 +I'm a physicist. Well, I'm rather a PhD student doing his best to become a physicist one day. Since my {{work:​|master thesis}} I've been interested in low momentum transfer phenomena in particle physics. I currently work in [[http://​​|CERN laboratory]]. I'm a member of the team of the [[http://​​Totem/​|TOTEM]] experiment. If you're interested in details, look at my [[en:​work:​totem|work at TOTEM]].
 +I'm on the software side of physics and hence long hours in front of a computer is my daily bread. The only way how not to go crazy is to set up a comfortable working environment. And that's why I'm using Linux. In particular, I adore the possibility to make Linux behave precisely as you wish. However, often it is not obvious to configure things in the Linux world. And therefore, whenever I succeed, I write down some notes. Very often I find them valuable some time later. I hope (wish and believe) you find it useful too. This is the gate to my minimalistic [[en:​comp|Linux how to]].
 +So far you've learned I like physics and Linux. But believe me there are many more things that can make me happy. First of all I love sports. My favorite sport is definitely [[http://​​wiki/​Whitewater_slalom|whitewater slalom]]. I started with this sport in my early childhood and then was practicing it on competitive basis until 2006 when I moved to Geneva. Hence I lost my sport, but I found another. You know, the region around Geneva is very rich in terms of mountains and great nature in general. I started with hiking, then extending it to climbing and gradually I've done (so far a few) real alpinism trips. Here you can find [[en:​photos|pictures]] from our adventures. When writing about adventures, you should not skip page about our [[http://​​|expedition Kamchatka 2005]].
 +== Links to Friend pages ==
 +[[http://​​~smetp0am|Pavla'​s flower pages]],
 +pages of my father'​s company [[http://​|GEOPLAN]],​
 +[[http://​​|Leszek'​s braciszek]].
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