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My ArchLinux configuration notes

Login message

Edit file /etc/issue. My (colorful) contents

Arch Linux \r \n \l

Post-login message resides in /etc/motd file.

How to keep boot messages

Remove the ^[c sequence from /etc/issue - this sequence clears the screen. More information here.


See this page.

How to change cofiguration of DVIPS

Check the configuration file /usr/share/texmf-dist/dvips/config/ (or /usr/share/texmf/dvips/config/

XKB configuration

On my keyboard, there is no convenient insert key. I decided to override print screen (which I don't use at all). In file /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/pc I commented out original lines (within xkb_symbols “editing” section)

key <PRSC> {
  type= "PC_SYSRQ",
  symbols[Group1]= [ Print, Sys_Req ]

and and replaced by

 key <PRSC> {	[  Insert, Print	]	};

and it worked :-)


To support MIDI playback for KDE, I used Timidity (Arch How To).

TeX live, UTF8, fonts in T1 coding

There is encTeX extension which can provide input and output (re)coding. To create a format that uses encTeX open /etc/texmf/web2c/fmtutil.cnf and add lines like

enctex          tex	  -         -enc      tex.ini
encpdftex       pdftex  -	    -enc      *pdfetex.ini

this will result in a plainTeX format but with encTeX extension enabled. To generate the format do

fmtutil-sys --all

To use the format, run TeX by

tex -fmt=enctex your_file.tex


pdftex -fmt=encpdftex your_file.tex

The input and output encoding can be specified in your tex file

\input utf8-t1.tex

In this example, it converts utf8 input to T1 (font) encoding. The other files may be found in /usr/share/texmf-dist/tex/generic/enctex/

For Czech fonts, it is more appropriate to use CSF encoding by

 \input utf8-csf.tex

TTF fonts in TeX

Multiple screens

Setting up cron

This helped: To edit your user cron table, do

export VISUAL=vim  # gvim doesn't work for some reason
crontab -e

An example record (to generate Garmin map from OSM every Friday, 2:00am)

00 2 * * fri $HOME/fun/gps/bin/makeGenevaSurroundings >> cronLog 2>&1

Bluetooth and Gnokii

File lists can be obtained (B stands for the memory card, note the asterisk)

gnokii --getfilelist "B:\\Images\\*"

Then, files (camera pictures in this example) can be downloaded by

function Download()
	echo "$1"
	gnokii --getfile "B:\\Images\\$1" "$1" &> /dev/null

Ring tones can be found in B:/Extra/predeftones/predefringtones/. To upload a file (ring tone in this example)

gnokii --putfile hagfis.mp3 B:/Extra/predeftones/predefringtones/hagfis.mp3
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