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 +===== An alternative to the current interface concept =====
 +The elegant idea:
 +  - Method calls would be implemented as //virtual fields// of ''​rObject''​.
 +  - The Asymptote compiler, when matching the expression to a list of known functions, would include also the list of ROOT methods (via Reflex).
 +However, this requires types to be known at compile time. In turn, one would need to introduce all ROOT types to Asymptote. In principle, it shouldn'​t be a deep problem via Reflex. But, one would also need to implement type casts. In C++ one can do
 +  TObject *o;
 +  TH1D *h;
 +  o = h;
 +  h = (TH1D *) o;
 +and an analogue of these casts need to be added to Asymptote. The first one ''​o = h''​ should be, in principle, easy to implement. Whereas the second one is more complicated. One can judge only at runtime, whether the assignment is allowed or not -- one would compare type of h (TH1D *) to ''​o->​IsA()''​. So, one can imagine Asymptote code
 +  TObject o; // in Asymptote object are technically pointers to the objects
 +  TH1D h;
 +  o = h; // this cast can be approved at compilation time
 +  h = o; // this shall be translated to a "​dynamic cast" h = CastIfMatches(o,​ TH1D)
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