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My projects

Alignment software

  1. Finish relative alignment
    • inconsistecies in rotations in TB data
      • more careful track selection (4+5…)
      • more detailed simulation
    • intra-station alignment
    • interstation alignment - needs the general track model
  2. Simulation of global alignment
    • which process, event number, optics, energy
    • 2 levels of misalignment simulations:
      1. local (tens of microns)
      2. global (a milimeter)
  3. Global alignment
  • TeX the note


  • EC checking for all VFATs?


  • a PC with access to TN
    • Contact Stefan Lueders (Fernando and Valentina on copy)
  • read/log information from BPM, BLM
  • move code to CVS
  • discuss: how to display, how to save the data
  • coordinate frame of BPMs
  • Fernanado: calculations directly in PVSS –> yes
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