2004-12-03 20:23

Week 48-49

  • Released 1.1.3-kde build for the community, see the Dot.
  • 3 volunteers to help with KDE icons for OOo 2.0 appeared after the release! :) I just hope that they are not going to be scared by the amount of the necessary icons... I made 1.9.62 rpms, tarball of OOo icons converted to SVG, and instructions for them. If you are also interested to help, just mail me (kendy at openoffice org), and you'll get it as well.
  • Various build bits in ooo-build HEAD. Removed obsolete workarounds for m55 and m57, ignore empty icon filenames, fixed conflict in integration of rodarvus01 and vcl28 #i37637#, installation without myspell, linkoo is a part of OOo sources now, fixed epm-based installation in ooo-build, ...
  • Various smaller tasks. Take DESKTOP_LAUNCH into account #i37708#, integrated Lubos Lunak's fix of file list changing in fpicker to ooo-build HEAD, 1-3 and 1-3-5 branches, made the desktop detection [KDE/Gnome] more reliable #i37977# and integrated it to ooo-build HEAD, 1-3 and 1-3-5.
  • Some SUSE bugzilla work, 1 day off, ill & working from home, etc.

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