2005-01-07 20:56

Weeks 50-53 & 1

  • OpenOffice.org for x86_64. I took about 550k of patches from ooo64bit02 child workspace, and created ~300k of more patches so that it compiles. I finished it yesterday, and today I fixed it so that a small test application showed its window! :-) I started a clean rebuild now, and I'll see on Monday whether I could get the splash screen, or even more... If you want to try it, checkout ooo-build and use the NLD64 distro.
  • Crystal icons for 2.0. Rob and Nuno, the volunteers who offered to draw missing Crystal icons (very appreciated!), created ~100 icons already. It is still just a fraction of what is needed, but it is a great start. Some of them could be seen in action here (see the toolbar on the left, and the menu with shapes); there are more in the KDE CVS under kdeplayground-artwork/oooicons.
  • System Mozilla. OOo needs a symbol from nss that is not exported in the recent versions of Mozilla (PK11_GetCertFromPrivateKey). I stripped the needed part out of Mozilla sources and made it compile well inside ooo-build.
  • Various build bits. Update from m62 to m64, fixed some dependencies & broken patches, etc.

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