2005-02-04 17:51

Weeks 2-5

OOo for x86_64. It shows the splash, and with some tweaking I can get it to show the main window. Unfortunately the exceptions in the UNO<->c++ bridge do not work (the thrown exceptions lead to terminate instead of being caught); I am debugging that, but still cannot find the reason:( I also updated the patches to build with the most recent milestone used in ooo-build. See also this Pavel Janik's blog entry.

NWF KDE toolbars and menus. Now even the toolbars and the menus are drawn according to style used in KDE. Some styles crash on exit of OOo; I'll catch that later and file upstream.

Use gcc34 + visibility + enum patches in ooo-build. Added the possibility to use the exactly same gcc as the Suns use for the development (made it as simple as --with-internal-gcc configure switch).

Various fixes. OOo did not start after integration of res32bit & use of linkoo, fix/workaround in dmake for one more parallel build breakage, etc.

Various build bits. Few resyncs to newer milestones, update of the fpicker patches, autoconfed some variables in distro-configs, etc.

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