2005-03-04 19:15

Weeks 6-9

Bugfixing related to the next SUSE Linux version.

  • Take DESKTOP_LAUNCH into account also in File->Send->Document as E-mail.
  • Backport of NWF checkboxes size fix from vcl36 & implemented the KDE part.
  • Don't let KDE NWF toolbars and menus crash with Keramik.
  • Investigated and gave over AMD64 theming bug.
  • Fixed a crash of OOo with the KDE fpicker.
  • Do not wait for EOF on read() when the child (kdefilepicker) process exited.
  • Partial support for KIO; download the file locally if we cannot handle it natively in OOo.

Crystal and Mono icons for OOo. Kudos to Rob, Nuno and Danny, who do the artistic part:-) I improved the scripts generating the tarballs a bit, let ooo-build use the most recent version of the Crystal icons, and created a script that makes a nice status page, see here.

Various build bits. Fixed problems with gid_File_Lib_Vcl, resources in 'env' script, --without-java fix in filter, Industrial fallback for the missing Crystal icons, update to m79 & rotated the patches, fixed problems with Python path settings, ...

Upstreaming patches. Learned to work with CWS tools and committed several (~10) rather trivial patches from ooo-build up-stream in CWSes kendy01-kendy04.

OOo for x86-64. No real progress, just few fixes to be still compilable with recent milestones.

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