2005-04-22 20:40

Weeks 10-16

SUSE Linux 9.3 work & fixes.

  • Better font resolving with KDE vclplug.
  • New version of the Crystal icons.
  • Fixed look of toolbar handles with several KDE styles.
  • Don't update font cache with every start.

Novell Linux Desktop. Backported some of the fixes that are in 9.3 (better font resolving, startup notification, better URL handling in KDE fpicker, partially support KIO).

Huge cleanup. Went through the list of all the patches that we had in ooo-build, but that were not listed to apply or that were disabled, and removed them completely (when already up-stream), or fixed them to apply again. Also filed some of the patches to IssueZilla and committed up-stream.

"cws-commit-patch" tool. Committing up-stream is quite painful; one has to file issue to IZ, create "child workspace" (cvs branch with additional info for EIS), associate the IZ number with the workspace, register the modules that one wants to commit to, commit the changes, fill owner and QA info into EIS and wait for its integration. This tool simplifies the process a lot when you have your change already as a patch (which is a common case in ooo-build). Still you have to file the issue and the EIS info, but it is the easiest part ;-)

Better handling of startup notification in KDE vclplug. Now it is handled in KDE plug-in its native way so that it builds & works fine even without libstartup-notification library.

Up-streaming. Committed up-stream the KDE NWF pieces that we have in 9.3.

Better switching between icon sets. To get the icon themes up-stream, it is necessary to provide a nice way of switching between them. Started this by cleaning lots of cut'n'paste in the icon-related code introduced in oooicons CWS. To be continued.

x86-64 port. Made quite a recent milestone (m94) compilable again on AMD64. Unfortunately the bridges code changed completely, so the UNO<->c++ bridge does not work at all :-( I'm working on this.

Small fixes. Parallel building in i18npool, search for moc during configure, gcc33 compilation fixes, fixes of the patches that do not apply, ...

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