2005-06-27 15:00

Week 25

Icon switching in OOo. Fixed few minor build problems with gcc4, added a patch for binfilter.

Mechanism to patch binfilter (filter for the old StarOffice 5.x formats) in ooo-build. We do not build binfilter by default, but there are packagers who do, and we should test bigger patches with binfilter enabled to see whether it still compiles OK. E.g. the icon switching patches broke it ;-)

Gtk+ vclplug too slow in KDE. I tried to investigate why is it so; the result was that there is a XCopyArea that copies from screen to a pixmap which takes ~30ms for one copy (!). No idea why is it so :-( The copying must be there because of broken Qt->Gtk+ theming engine that ignores clipping. i#50857 for the curious.

Build fixes. Updated several patches for m111, fixed a --without-java build.

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2005-06-15 17:23

Weeks 23-24

Icon switching in OOo. Implemented the saving, the switching in the help, fixed a small bug in bitmap loading, and filed the patches to issuezilla for a review; see #36518.

AMD64 porting. Up-streamed some of the patches (small ones that do not break 32bits).

Build bits. Updated ooo-build to m108 milestone.

Few days off. 1 the last week, and the rest of this week (Thursday, Friday).

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2005-06-07 16:23

Weeks 17-22

Better switching between icon sets. Implemented the switching itself and GUI for that. The actual state is not yet saved, so OOo still starts with the icon set according to the desktop.

AMD64 porting.

  • First working version of the bridge; compiles well, the exceptions work. Todo: returning of small structs (<= 16 bytes; it is done in registers on AMD64). Big thanks to Honza Hubicka for a lesson about trampolines and libffi ;-)
  • Fixed several 64bit crashers (saving a pointer in an int, LONG_MAX in int for indication of un-initialized value, ...)
  • Fixed calculation of desktop size on 64bits.
  • Several fixes of the patches after updates to newer milestones.
  • etc.
In all, the 64bit OOo starts (of course not out-of-the-box, without Java, etc.), and I was able to write there, or load a document ;-)

Crystal icons for OOo. Made a new release (ooo_crystal_images-6.tar.bz2). 298 icons to do (from 907 total).

KDE fpicker.

  • Fixed disappearing filters in Insert->Picture->From File...
  • Adapted to changes in resource manager so that the checkboxes like "Read-only", "Add extension", etc. have their labels again.

Submitted a paper for the KDE conference.

Build bits. Fixed several patches to apply well, updated the "apply" file and some patches to a newer milestone, etc.

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