2005-07-26 14:55

Week 29

KDE vclplug is in the default OOo packages now. m118 is the first build that contains it. Wrote a dot.kde.org story, updated News on kde.openoffice.org. You can download the packages here.

HiContrast icon theme. Some more code removal, but I gave up soon to focus on up-streaming the icon switching patches.

Up-streaming the icon switching patches. Created the iconswitching1 CWS and committed all the available patches there, removed --with-icons configure option and made the themes building by default, rewrote hicontrast-to-theme.sh to Perl to work on Windows as well, and built the CWS.

Minor. Tried to help with debugging of an Impress crasher a bit.

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2005-07-15 17:50

Week 28

HiContrast icon theme. I made HiContrast theme building in the ooo-build, improved my patches to select this theme when we run in hi-contrast mode (3 or 4 places), and started to cut the obsolete code that used to pick hi-contrast images. Incredible amount of hardcoded 'if ( hicontrast ) { something }'-like or 'foo = hicontrast? bar_hc: bar;'-like pieces to remove; grep points to ~1000 occurrences. No fun :-(

AMD64 porting. Updated to m116, tried to build it with gcc4; no big issues.

Sent an abstract for SUSE Labs conference.

Made a short presentation for the suse.cz people about icecream.

Minor. Fixed *-lang.tar.bz2 downloading, filed an Impress crasher to IZ, moved my work partition from xfs to ext3, ...

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2005-07-11 10:53

Week 27

1 day off, 2 days public holidays.

AMD64 porting. Updated the patches to m114, built it and fixed its installation. Unfortunately the result does not work, and I was not too successful debugging it; I'll see the next week.

Icon swithing. Checked what has to be changed so that the HiContrast (accessibility) icons become a normal icon theme (like Industrial or Crystal), and did a simple script that digs the HiContrast icons out of the default icon set. TODO: Cleanup the code from hardcoded references to the HiContrast icons.

Build bits. Minor fix in Makefile.shared.

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2005-07-01 17:12

Week 26

AMD64 porting. Back to the bridges again. I found out that returning of floats/doubles does not work when the testsuite is compiled with optimization. I tried to investigate, but still no idea why. Rewrote another part of cpp2uno.cxx (wrt. structures <= 16 bytes) and started to rewrite uno2cpp.cxx.

Build bits. Don't optimize on AMD64 when we don't want it, removed few obsolete patches.

Sent an abstract for OOoCon 2005.

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