2005-09-16 18:05

Week 37

AMD64 porting. Extracted more from the ooo64bit02 CWS - long *pDXArray related patches (and created 'dxarray' CWS for them), AccessibleChild related patches (too small set to create a CWS now), and started with NumberFormat related patches (to be continued). Still about 600k of patches to split, review and commit...

Update to m129. More work than usually thanks to the SISSL/LGPL -> LGPL license switch; some patches were failing, others were applied on wrong locations causing troubles later. Tedious.

Minor bits. Helped Eric with Environment Variables Wiki page.

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2005-09-09 17:38

Week 36

AMD64 porting. Created an 'extract-hunks' tool to split a patch into 2 according to a regexp, and extracted all the sal_IntPtr and sal_uIntPtr related changes into separate patches (and created some more). Hopefully they could be integrated somehow soon... Build on AMD64 was OK, the x86 build is still running.

KDE Address Book connector. Made CWS kaddressbook the source of the patches and fixed evo2 patches to co-exist nicely.

Recursive un-apply of the patches. Fixed the way the patches were reversed in ooo-build, so that even ugly dependent patches un-apply correctly.

Minor bits. Fixed stdlibs (unnecessary) copying, fixed cws-extract to checkout even newly created directories, ...

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2005-09-06 11:06

Weeks 31-35

Vacation. Weeks 31-33, one day in the 34th week. Read all the mail in the queue, answered, etc.

aKademy 2005. I wanted to reuse the talk from the last year's OOoCon, but finally I had to write it nearly from scratch ;-) The slides are here. Good to see faces behind the nicks & names. Got one JCA signed (the author of the Mono icon set), nice to hear that one of the icon designers that worked/works on the Crystal set for OOo was hired by SUSE, and now works on the new default icon theme for KDE4, ...

KDE.OpenOffice.org page update. The page was too old & outdated, updated it a bit so that it conforms with the talk.

KDE Address Book for OOo. Éric Bischoff works on a KDE Address Book connector. The development takes place directly in the OOo CVS (kaddrbook CWS). I tried it, and it looks good - the address book is already usable, but the SQL requests over it do not work fully yet (important for OOo Base). I am working on a better integration to ooo-build (so that we can easily update from the OOo CVS without conflicting with the Evolution bits).

OOoCon 2005. My talk was accepted. I booked the hotel (for me and Petr Mladek), managed the travelling there, etc.

Minor bits. Small cleanup of the old icon switching bits, some build bits, some fixes in ooo-build scripts, updated ooo-build to m127, fixed stdlibs (non)copying, sent the JCA from aKademy to Sun, ...

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2005-09-06 11:00

Week 30

Upstreaming the icon switching patches. Created a build for the Sun's QA, wrote a feature specification document, and got involved in a lengthy mailing explaining why is this feature so great and essential ;-)

AMD64 porting. Successfully built m121 on AMD64 after solving new build dependencies.

Wiki. Wrote (or converted from .html) few ooo-build wiki pages.

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