2005-10-21 18:15

Week 38-42

AMD64/EM64T porting. Extracted even more from the ooo64bit02 - NumberFormat related patches, trivial long/ULONG -> sal_Int32/sal_uInt32 patches, and some smaller separable fixes (BigInt, PolygonPoints, ResId, c-includes, ...). Haven't created CWSes for them yet. Still about 350k of patches to split - but I'm afraid that it's going to be the harder part.

SUSE Labs conference. Had the talk, enjoyed the Sunday event, ... I had to leave earlier because of the OOo conference.

OpenOffice.org conference. Great event, I am really happy I was there. Had the talk - see the slides about porting OpenOffice.org to AMD64/EM64T/x86-64 (whatever the right name is, I use AMD64 there:) ), met a lot of people, had fun, ... ;-)

OOo 2.0 is out. Did ooo-build-2.0.rc* releases, tested & fixed some minor issues (layout of Options...->View dialog, autobuild warnings, trailing ':' in LD_LIBRARY_PATH, ...), ...

Updated ooo-build to newer milestones. m129, m134, ...

Build fixes. Several parallel build issues (mostly already fixed in some CWSes - thanks Caolan and Volker, extracted them for ooo-build), fixed few patches to apply, fixed one more un-apply problem in apply.pl...

Icon switching. Updated the specification again, and got it approved by the Sun QA people; hurray ;-)

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