2006-12-22 21:26

PF 2007

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2006-12-18 15:13

OOo 2.1 source archives

OpenOffice.org 2.1 source archives are now split the same way you used to see in ooo-build - to the core part (the only one really needed by the developers), system (libraries that could be already present in the system), binfilter (filters to load/save the old StarOffice formats), l10n (translations to other than English and German), and sdk (Software Development Kit). Additionally the archives are compressed with bzip2 instead of gzip for additional savings.

Big thanks to Joost who made it possible from the up-stream side. ooo-build will start using these archives. We all hope that for the beginning OOo developers the archives are less scary now - 117MB to download instead of the former 300MB...

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