2004-11-08 17:48

Week 45

So, I will try to publish (let's say) "work reports" regularly... Let's see how long I am able to handle something like that ;)

  • KDE and Gnome icons in 2.0. Patched OOo to choose the right ones at runtime, committed the patches to ooo-build, filed them upstream to IssueZilla, and removed obsolete resource patch. See IZ#36518 for more.
  • Update of ooo-build HEAD to src680-m60. The method of installation changed between m57 and m60 (instsetoo vanished, and instsetoo_native is the only available method of creating installation sets, to be precise; see here for more), so the ooo-build scripts had to be changed to at least deal with it; but more work will be needed. Additionally I remade some of the patches to apply again, removed the obsolete ones, and did some small build fixes. (More IZ numbers.)
  • KDE vclplug. Added the changes from ooo-build-1-3, cleaned the old bits, and filed upstream, see IZ#36761 and IZ#36761.

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