2005-06-27 15:00

Week 25

Icon switching in OOo. Fixed few minor build problems with gcc4, added a patch for binfilter.

Mechanism to patch binfilter (filter for the old StarOffice 5.x formats) in ooo-build. We do not build binfilter by default, but there are packagers who do, and we should test bigger patches with binfilter enabled to see whether it still compiles OK. E.g. the icon switching patches broke it ;-)

Gtk+ vclplug too slow in KDE. I tried to investigate why is it so; the result was that there is a XCopyArea that copies from screen to a pixmap which takes ~30ms for one copy (!). No idea why is it so :-( The copying must be there because of broken Qt->Gtk+ theming engine that ignores clipping. i#50857 for the curious.

Build fixes. Updated several patches for m111, fixed a --without-java build.

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