2006-01-26 22:59

Weeks 43-03

x86-64 porting.

  • Committed another lot of fixes from ooo-build up-stream (CWS numberformat, long2int, pj43, sixtyfour01, ...). Some of the workspaces were already integrated.
  • Tried to use gcj for the 64bit build, and believe it or not, it worked - with some workarounds. E.g. the .jars do not register yet; to be fixed.
  • Created a Wiki page about the port. Feel free to experiment with the 64bit build and add your experience there. But remember - it's still experimental.

Éric Bischoff's KDE Address Book Connector was integrated. It happened in m147, and the connector will be available in OpenOffice.org 2.0.2. Thank you, Éric, for your great work!

Icon switching. It got finaly integrated in m149, yay! iconswitching2 is on its way, it will contain small improvements of the toolbars, and the Crystal icon set. Rob, Nuno, thank you again for your designs! I hope the CWS will be ready in time to get to 2.0.2 as well...

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