2006-04-10 20:53

Last of the 64bit patches filed to IZ

I've just filed the last 64bit-specific patch we have in ooo-build to IssueZilla... This does not mean that porting OpenOffice.org to x86-64 is over, but when all the patches get approved & integrated (lots of them already are - in CWSes sixtyfour01-04, long2int, intptr, numberformat, dxarray, etc. to note the big ones), one should be able to get a 64bit OOo without much trouble. Of course, no-one says how much it will work for you ;-)

Maybe it is too soon to celebrate, but I should note that this wouldn't happen without Caolán and Pavel (and their patches), and of course without people originally working on the port in ooo64bit02 CWS. Thank you!

Posted by kendy | Categories: OpenOffice.org