2009-06-08 17:10

Yet another SVN to git conversion tool

Recently I needed to convert the ooo-build repository from the Gnome SVN to git, and also create a regularly updated git mirror of the OpenOffice.org SVN repository. Unfortunately I did not find a tool that would suffice my needs - git-svn was unable to handle more branches, and svn-all-fast-export had a Qt4 dependency that made it problematic to even compile, not to mention the syntax of the repository description file(s) that I did not really understand - so I decided to create a new tool based on svn-fast-export.c:


I made it for our needs, so there is just a simple Makefile, the code might be hacky here and there [and is C++ ;-)], but it seems to work really well - at least for us :-)


  • perfect import of trunk (master), branches and tags
    even when you svn cp things around like svn cp branches/blah/bleh trunk/foo/bar
    when there are commits to the tags
  • change login names to real names and email addresses
  • converts ChangeLog-like commit messages to git-like
  • allows you to split one SVN tree to multiple git trees
    (based on regexps)
  • allows you to convert leading tabs to spaces in files you choose
    (fixes a terrible pain in the OOo sources where tab is set to 4 spaces, and leading tabs and spaces are combined in nearly every source file!)
  • allows you to ignore broken tags/commits
  • and is really fast
    the OOo SVN with ~270000 commits in < 1hr on the right H/W ;-)

Documentation is a bit lacking, but basically you need to create one file containing the description of the repositories, and one with the names/emails of the svn login names, and you are ready to start ./svn-to-git.sh. Description files I used for the ooo-build and OOo conversions are included.

So - if you are interested, and have a SVN repository to convert, give it a try. And if you have patches, please send them to me :-)

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