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Matúš   Maciak
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
@ Central Academic Building (CAB) 460

Research Areas

  • nonparametric regression, smoothing
  • robustness, discontinuities and structural breaks
  • sparsity, variable selection, lasso and degrees of freedom
  • weak dependence
  • bootstrapping
  • multivariate statistical methods

  • Publications/Papers

  • Horký P., Douda, K., Maciak, M., Závorka, L., Slavík. O. (2014). Parasite-induced alterations of host behaviour in a riverine fish: the effects of glochidia on host dispersal.
    Freshwater Biology (in press).

  • Slavík, O., Maciak, M. & Horký, P. (2012). Shelter use of familiar and unfamiliar groups of juvenile European catfish Silurus glanis. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 142, 116-123.

  • Kubíková, L., Simon, O. P., Tichá, K., Douda, K., Maciak, M. & Bílý, M. (2012). The influence of mesoscale habitat conditions on the macroinvertebrate composition of springs in a geologically homogeneous area. Freshwater Science 31, 668-679.

  • Kadlecová, K., Bilý, M. & Maciak, M. (2012). Movement patterns of the co-occurring species Astacus astacus (noble crayfish) and Austropotamobius torrentium (stone crayfish). Fundamental and Applied Limnology / Archiv für Hydrobiologie 180, 351-360.

  • Maciak, M. (2011). Bootstrapping of M-smoothers. Acta Universitatis Carolinae - Mathematica et Physica, Vol.52, No.1, 37-46.

  • van de Bund, W. et al. (2010). Guidance on the intercalibration process (Annex V.). Technical report, Joint Research Centre: Institute for Environment and Sustainability, Ispra, Italy.

  • Maciak, M. (2009). Spline models with Change-points. In Antoch, J. and Dohnal, G., editors, Robust 2008 Conference Proceedings, pages 239-246, JČMF, Prague.

  • Maciak, M. (2007). M-smoothers in Testing and Estimating In Šafránková, J. and Pavlů, J., editors, WDS'07 Proceedings of Contributed Papers: Part I - Mathematics and Computer Sciences, pages 169-174. MatfyzPress, Prague.

  • Theses

  • Maciak, M. (2011). Flexibility, Robustness and Discontinuities in Nonparametric Regression Approaches. PhD thesis, Charles University in Prague.

  • Maciak, M. (2008). Spline Models with Change-points Applied to Seroprevalence Data. Master thesis, University of Hasselt.

  • Maciak, M. (2006). Additive Regression Models with Regression Splines. Master thesis, Charles University in Prague.

  • Invited Talks

  • Universities:
    University of British Columbia, University of Alberta, Canada; University of Hamburg, Germany; Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic; Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovak Republic;

  • Conferences:
    IMS - New Researchers Conference 2013, PIMS-YRC 2013, ISNPS 2012;

  • Others:
    European Commission - JRC, Ispra, Italy; European Commission - CCAB, Brussels, Belgium; SEPA, Edinburg, Scotland;

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