I manually removed the recovery partition on HP notebook nx 7400....

Then I started to get this message:

"Your system recovery partition was removed. Press F10 to start the system recovery anyway or another key to delete the recovery partition."

everytime I booted the notebook.

The solution is quite quick and save.

1)If you're lucky, you can easily put a bootalbe CD with WinXP into your cd drive a turn on your computer;
2)in BIOS (or setup, you can get an info on how to get there in the first screen after you turn on you computer): select to boot from that CD;
4)hit some key to boot from that CD; wait after it gives you the menu where you choose to load the recovery console;
5)then you choose number of the windows system that causes you so much trouble;
6)then insert a administrator password;
7)in the command line type "fixmbr" and confirm by pressing enter;
(8 After that I also tried "fixboot", but I think that that is not necessary)

1)If your're among those people whose notebook is stubborn and doesn't boot from CD, you need to boot your XP first
2)Insert the CD with WinXP (preferably the same (or newer) version as you are just running)
3)Press Start, Run, type "d:\i386\winnt32.exe /cmdcons" where d is your cd drive
4)This will install the recovery console directly into the XP parition
5)Remove the CD from your computer, reboot, a press any enoying key to get over the enoyng message
6)Then try to get into the boot menu by pressing F8
7)Now there is one more option among your systems, choose the recovery console and continue with point number 5 in previous section

I hope this page will help someone in the future. Especialy those people who are inconsiderate (I'm one of them) and does't know about the HP tool that remove the recovery partition for them without any further problems. I know that the solution is pretty easy, but in the beginnig I wasn't so sure about the results of my actions.