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The Foundation of St. Francis of Assisi was founded in the Czech Republic in 1993 to help the poorest of the poor and it chose the Missionaries of Charity in India for distribution of its gifts. This Roman Catholic religious order was established by holy Mother Teresa. The sisters and brothers of this order not only work very selflessly for the poorest of the poor, but at the same time they live modestly in the Gospel poverty.

Since 1999 the Foundation has sent 34 containers with mostly medical aid. The cargo has exceeded 367,2 metric tons in total. This aid of worth of more than 101 millions of CZK (3.5 millions of EUR) has been delivered to the center of the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta. Bulk of the aid consists of medical material - bandages, gauze, cotton wool, hypodermic needles and syringes, infusion sets, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, grape sugar, disinfection, wheelchairs, crutches and others.

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Mailing address: Elišky Krásnohorské 59, 618 00 Brno,
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 608 879 663
Email: [email]
IČO: 48515566

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