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Jude the Obscure

Thomas Hardy

114: "For there was no other girl, O bridegroom, like her!" ( Sapho - H. T. Wharton)
115: There were thousands of young men on the same self-seeking track at the present moment.
118: She had come forward prettily; but Jude felt she had hardly expected him to kiss her, as he was burning to do.
138: Their eyes met, and they shook hands like cronies in a tavern, and Jude saw absurdity of quarelling on such a hypothetical subject, and she the sillines of crying about what was written in an old book like the Bible.
139: For their difference of opinion on conjectual subjects only drew them closer together on matters of daily human experience.
139: Her chair being a far more comfortable one than his she still slept on inside his great-coat...
144: This will blow over, dear Sue!
145: A dream with which neither the Church nor literature had much in common.
147: His patience being sorely tried, he set out one Saturday afternoon to pay her an unexpected call.
149: "...and I wish with all my soul I could!" What he had really ment was simply that he loved her.
150: "You are often not so nice in your real presence as you are in your letters!
They were getting upon dangerous ground.
151: It was a question which in circumstances Sue did not choose to answer...
She was mistress of herself again.
159: She could hardly command herself
160: Whatever she meant to say remined unspoken.
161: ...sky of ribbed clouds, through the moon showed its position rather than its shape, and one or two of the larger stars made themselves visible as faint nebulae only.
164: Jude's eyes grew rounder.
165: "I thought you were gone to glory."
171: To his great surprice no other tha Sue stood like a vision before him.
172: "At what an early time you must have started, poor thing!"
That Sue was not as she had been, but was labelled 'Phillotson'.
173: She reproached him by glance.
She put a look of being offened...
180: Jude almost tore his hair at having missed this letter till it was too late to act upon its contents.
186: ..she went on, to keep him from his jealous thoughts, which she read clearly, as she always did. Indeed when they talked on an indifferent subject, as now, there was ever a second silent conversation passing between their emotions, so perfect was the reciprocity between them.
189: She had opened a rosewood-box, and was looking at a photograph. Having contemplated it a little while she pressed it agains her bosom, and put in again in its place.
191: However, if God disposed not, woman did.
But other forces and laws than theirs were in operation.
192: Two miles behind it a jet of white stream was travelling from the left to the right of the picture.
"Dear faithful Sue"