Jiri Kvita

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University
Prague, Czech Republic
D0 Prague Group
Since 22nd [CNW:Counter] June 2003
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I was born some time ago in a little town Hranice in Moravia, an eastern part of the Czech Republic, Europe:). I had studied the Grammar school (1994-1998) and then nuclear and subnuclear physics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in Prague (1998-2003). On June 19th 2003 I was accepted for the Ph.D. programme.

Motto: "Any time you start studying for an exam, you are going to miss one day. Therefore, just start earlier. The lesson to be learnt from this: You'll miss the one day whatever you do."
"The more unphysical the situation is, the easier is solv ing the problem..."
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