Lenka Zdeborová

Some of my past presentations:

  • Statistical Physics of Infence: Thresholds and Algorithms; presentation of my HDR thesis in November 2015.

  • A video of a colloquim I gave in the physics department of ENS on Clustering of networks: From phase transitions to optimal algorithms in March 2015.

  • A video of a talk I gave for a rather large public on Statistical Physics of Complexity. Third Session of the Visionary & Retrospective Talks club, at the Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity, Paris, January 2015

  • Phase transitions and sample complexity in Bayes-optimal matrix factorization; talk at GDR ISIS workshop in Paris, January, 2014.

  • Clustering in networks: Phase transitions and optimal algorithms; talk given at Journee de Physique Statistique in Paris, January, 2014 and several other occasions.

  • From crystal nucleation to fast data acquisition; talk at STATPHYS 2013 in Seoul, July, 2013.

  • Non-adaptive pooling strategies for detection of rare faulty items; talk at a ICC workshop in Budapest, June, 2013.

  • Inferring the origin of epidemic with dynamic message passing; talk given at a workshop in Santa Fe, May, 2013.

  • Where the really hard problems really are?; review talk at a workshop in Tokyo, January, 2013.

  • Compressed Sensing; Seminar in ENS, Paris, November 2012.

  • Phase transitions and algorithmic barriers in inference problems; invited talk given at IPAM, UCLA, in January 2012. Includes examples of community detection and compressed sensing, physics explanation of why the spatial coupling in compressed sensing saturates the threshold.

  • Smart Grid; Introductory lecture about Smart Grid given in ENS, December 2011.

  • Random Adversarial Satisfiability Problem; invited talk in Bardonecchia, Italy, February 2011.

  • Inference of functional modules in networks; invited talk in Tokyo, Japan, November 2010.

  • Inference of parameters in particle tracking by passing messages between images; talk in Hong Kong, China, July 2010.

  • Glassy phases: A possible origin of computational hardness; invited talk on the March Meeting in Portland, March 2010.

  • Integration of renewables in redundant power grid; presented at HICSS-43, Hawaii, January 2010.

  • Random Field Ising Model; no spin glass phase in random field Ising model, RFIM at fixed magnetization, conjecture about graph partitioning. Presented at Banff, Canada, November 2009.

  • Cavity method for slow dynamics; generalization of the cavity method for adiabatic evolution of glassy Gibbs states; presented at LPT University Paris-Sud, October 2009.

  • Learning from and about complex energy landscapes; presented as a Santa Fe Institute Colloquium, September 2009.

  • Physics on random graphs; presented at Physics of Computations seminar, University of Chicago, September 2009.

  • Statistical physics of hard optimization problems; defense of my PhD thesis, June 2008 in University Paris-Sud.

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