Euler equations in 1D

As a test case for central and central-upwind and MUSTA schemes for conservation laws I developed this program. It solves the Riemann problem for Euler equations. Fortran source code is available for download here.

Sod test case in time 0.3

From top left to bottom right: Lax-Friedrichs scheme, Lax-Wendroff scheme, Kurganov-Tadmor scheme, Central-upwind scheme.

Lax-Friedrichs Lax-Wendroff
Kurganov-Tadmor Central-Upwind

Example of animation

Supersonic shock tube problem computed with MUSTA scheme with piecewise linear reconstruction. Animation was made using gnuplot and ffmpeg and scripts packed with source code of my program.

Animation of supersonic shock tube problem, piecewise linear MUSTA scheme

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