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GKrellM Gorilla Theme

GKrellM Gorilla Theme

screenshot of gkrellm panel with gorilla theme

This gorilla theme perfectly fits my Debian Gnome desktop. I did not find out how swallow-applet can move GKrellM 2 in panel. So I used a trick.

I created right-side panel and then moved gkrellm(started with -wm) above it. This solution has adventage that maximized window will not hide gkrellm.

Thanks to sawfish I am able to catch gkrellm window on startup (matched window setup) and move it at the right position and setup desired state.

Sawfish matched-windows parameters
  • Position: 1197, 86 (my screen res. is 1280x1024)
  • Frame type: none
  • Sticky: yes
  • Cycle skip: yes
  • Window list skip: yes
  • Task list skip: yes
screenshot of my desktop 
with gkrellm in side panel


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