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Jan Kašpar welcomes you at Kašpi Page

Hello, my name is Jan Kašpar and Kašpi is my nick.

I'm a physicist. Well, I'm rather a PhD student doing his best to become a physicist one day. Since my master thesis I've been interested in low momentum transfer phenomena in particle physics. I currently work in CERN laboratory. I'm a member of the team of the TOTEM experiment. If you're interested in details, look at my work at TOTEM.

I'm on the software side of physics and hence long hours in front of a computer is my daily bread. The only way how not to go crazy is to set up a comfortable working environment. And that's why I'm using Linux. In particular, I adore the possibility to make Linux behave precisely as you wish. However, often it is not obvious to configure things in the Linux world. And therefore, whenever I succeed, I write down some notes. Very often I find them valuable some time later. I hope (wish and believe) you find it useful too. This is the gate to my minimalistic Linux how to.

So far you've learned I like physics and Linux. But believe me there are many more things that can make me happy. First of all I love sports. My favorite sport is definitely whitewater slalom. I started with this sport in my early childhood and then was practicing it on competitive basis until 2006 when I moved to Geneva. Hence I lost my sport, but I found another. You know, the region around Geneva is very rich in terms of mountains and great nature in general. I started with hiking, then extending it to climbing and gradually I've done (so far a few) real alpinism trips. Here you can find pictures from our adventures. When writing about adventures, you should not skip page about our expedition Kamchatka 2005.

Pavla's flower pages, pages of my father's company GEOPLAN, Leszek's braciszek.

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