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CVS commands I often use

Full CVS documentation:


cvs add filename
rm file; cvs remove file

recursive remove

cvs remove -R dir/

checkout only non-empty direcories

cvs checkout -P project

update command, by default, does not pick up new directories. To do so, use flag -d. Add -P not to download empty (ancient) directories.

cvs update -dP

checkout to directory MyFavouriteName

cvs checkout -d MyFavouriteName project

checkout of version tagged TheBestLabel

cvs checkout -r TheBestLabel project

assign tag to the checkout version

cvs tag ver0-3

status in comfortable format

A simple approach might be something like:

cvs status 2> /dev/null |egrep '(\?|Status)'|sed 's/File: //'

Or more sophisticated (and powerful) one: colorful cvs status.

comparing revisions

cvs diff -r revision1 -r revision2 files

or one can use -D date instead.

permisions management

cvs co CVSROOT

and then edit files writers, tagavail, commitavail.


create and apply a patch

To be run in the root of your source tree:

# create
svn diff > my_patch.diff
# and apply
patch -p0 -i ~/my_patch.diff

changing permissions

ssh libtotsw@lxsvn
vim /afs/
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