2006-10-02 17:14

OpenOffice.org and SVG import

You know what is SVG, don't you? ;-) If not - it means Scalable Vector Graphics, and it is a vector graphics format that describes 2D graphics in XML.

So far, there's no native SVG import filter for OOo. There exists an external one, but unfortunately it has very strong dependencies - Java 5.0, and Batik.

I am currently working on another implementation. It is in C++, using the UNO Draw API, and a lighweight libsvg library. libsvg is just a parser - which is exactly what I need; unfortunately it does not seem to be too actively maintained :-( If you know about a better choice - just drop me a mail to kendy at openoffice.org. Thanks!

If you are interested in the current progress: I can import rectangles and circles, extension to other shapes is easy. I have problems with transformations - some of them work, some do not; to be improved. If you are interested in pictures, try this snowman, and have a look how it should look like, and how it currently looks in draw. If you are interested in source code, a snapshot is here.

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