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 OOo Qt port




cuckooo is a KDE Part, which allows to be run in a Konqueror window.

Current features:

  • Shows (read-only) all document formats supported by
  • Can be embedded as a Part in Konqueror.
  • Can run as a standalone application.


2003-12-12 KDE Integration Incubator project pages are up an running, the content is moving there. Update your bookmarks! :)
The project is not dead, don't be affraid! :) I had my vacation and it took me some time to get back into programming; a lot of things changed in the meantime. Now you can enjoy the new version of the OOo Qt port. It is more stable, cleaner, etc., and it is remade to fit the OOo 2.0 development branch.
Polish translation of cuckooo (thanks to B. Malinowski). Expect it in the next release.
A month after cuckooo 0.1, Qt port is released! Check the "OOo Qt port" on the left. WARNING: It's a very experimental stuff...

Older news...


At the beginning of July 2003, I read an article about Ximian's work on improving There was also a note about a (probably dead) Bonobo OOo integration project. And I was wandering, if anybody had put forth similar effort to make an KDE integration on the same level. I tried to google such a project, but I did not find any. I found out, that there are people, who would like to get involved, but it seems there is no real code. So I jumped in.

After reading tons of documentation (just the major parts—I did not have the patience to read it all), studying the Java examles, learning from others and after some experiments I finally have a KDE Part, which can be used as a viewer of all documents supported by Of course, there is a lot of things to improve (everyone can surely imagine OOo fully integrated to KDE—from Qt widgets to drag'n'drop), but even at the current stage it is useful. At least, Word, Excel or PowerPoint files look cool when opened in the Konqueror window:)

I am going to keep on developing, see ToDo. If you want to see screenshots, click here. If you want to try it, download the tarball and see installation instructions. If you have comments, contact me.