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Version 0.3 of cuckooo. It fixes a bug that could crash Konqueror if crashed. It also adds French and Spanish translations (as promised).
What is the difference between this and this? Well, you can see on both pictures. The difference is, that the first one is built on pure X calls, while the second one is built on top of Qt! :-) Quite a quick port full of TODOs and FIXMEs; expect sources soon.
Spanish (thanks to S. G. González) and French (thanks to G. Delafond) translations. Expect them in the next release.
Version 0.2 is available. Splash screen (if you want to see your document, but OOo has not started yet), minor fixes in build, infrastructure for translations and — of course — Czech translations:)
Package for Debian unstable is available (contributed by M. Foillard). Thanks!
Initial version 0.1 is available. Alpha, use on your risk, etc., but it works.