Projects (GitHub)

Photo Mosaic

May 2012
Scripts to generate a photo mosaic with a specified width and border, from photo file table given in text format. Demo.

Django (Photo)blog

April 2012
My first django project. It's very basic yet (categorizing posts, reader comments) but I'll probably add more features in the future. Here's a demo.

Lightweight Static Blog

November 2011
Simple script to generate a static (meaning that for now, it doesn't support dynamic features like comments) blog from two text files. Needs python, imagemagick, and a flickr account specified to create a banner from the recently posted photos. Have a look at this demo. Also, tar.gz source.


November 2011
Flickr2HDD and Flickr2HDDApp - python scripts to download a flickr stream to your hard drive, with preserving the file hierarchy (sets are mapped to directories, containing the pictures). The first one only uses standard python modules but does not allow authentication, the second one uses flickr API functions, allows you to authenticate, choose to download either public or all of your photos, and specify the set (or download them all).
There is a catch. The script can be used to download public photos from someone else's photostream and make it easier to violate copyright on a large scale. Please, don't use it maliciously, otherwise the app will be disabled. I recommend to use the app to download ONLY the pictures you own.

Code Samples

FridgeMadness (Python)

TwoSidedCards (Java)


(not perfect, needs more work)